A bit of History

In May 2023 Ronnie Trubek researched our history wrote “The Exciting Story of How Park Hall Came to Be

The Short Version:

Park Hall was deeded by the Brooks family in 1923, for the residents of Ben Lomond. The original action included Wilder Hall, the library and adjacent park. The park, library and Wilder Hall were later turned over to the county for lack of financial support.

Park Hall was assembled out of an old stable, and the stage was rolled on logs from the park across the street. The restrooms were in the adjoining building that once housed Ben Lomond’s single fire cart. The painted fire cart’s door, no more than 6′ tall, can be seen on the right side of the hall.

Park Hall was once a local movie theater noted for its very hard seating. It has since become home to Little Peoples Repertory Theater and Mountain Community Theater. Anyone is invited to plan their event by completing the Park Hall Rental Agreement and mail to: Park Hall Trust P.O Box 1027, Ben Lomond, Ca 95005

As the real-estate indenture states, all residents that live within 1.5 miles are part owners of the hall. The ongoing business is carried on by an elected board of trustees. Meetings are open to the public. Dates for the meetings are posted on the Park Hall Calendar. As members leave or retire they are replaced through voting by local residents. Anyone living within 1.5 miles is eligible to vote on membership to the Trust.

Here is a copy of the ParkHall – founding document on file by the county of Santa Cruz.

The founding document is a real-estate transfer specifies a representation structure and appoints most governance to a group of individuals that we call the Park Hall Trustees which is a lifetime appointment.

The current Trustees as of the Ben Lomond town vote on August 22nd 2023 are:

  • Ann Scott
  • Cathy Smith
  • Heidi Castagna
  • Lyle Troxell
  • Michael Laurin
  • Mikala Clements
  • Ronnie Trubek

For more information on the running of Park Hall please see our online documents.

Former Trustees Include:

  • Richard (Dick) Mills
  • Gil Sanchez
  • Denise Gorham
  • Steve Edmonds