Dangerous Beauties Presents: Warrior Women – March 9th

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE “Warrior Women” unveils the captivating world of complex female archetypes, both real and imagined, through the mesmerizing medium of dance. From the legendary bravery of Joan of Arc to the captivating allure of Cleopatra, the fierce strength of the Amazons, and the contemporary resilience embodied by Sinead O’Connor, this performance artfully weaves together tales of powerful women who have left an indelible mark on history.

The dancers, with artistry and grace, bring to life the multifaceted stories of these warrior women, exploring the nuances of their strength, courage, and resilience. The event transcends time and culture, delving into the essence of what makes these iconic figures stronger than diamonds – a metaphor for their enduring and unyielding strength. Through the transformative power of dance, “Warrior Women” promises to be a celebration of feminine strength, a captivating journey that leaves audiences inspired by the indomitable spirit of these remarkable women. Come celebrate WOMENS’ HISTORY MONTH with us!

2 performance workshops presented by Amy Sigil and Kamala Almanzar – workshop info at www.dangerousbeautiesproductions.com